Commuter Servicing

The commuter or hybrid is the work horse of the bicycle world, so frequently used for commuting from home to work, work to home... 3-5 times a week. Its a life without glory but for many it is impossible to part with.

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The Mechanics Touch

TUNE Cycles is a fusion of online showroom and mobile workshop.  We offer the convenience of online shopping and our mechanics take care of the 'Last Mile' to deliver and install  your bike parts at home or work.

With TUNE cycles we give you the freedom to shop online, the convenience of mobile bicycle service and the support, guidance and expertise of your local bike store.  

Our Mechanics are always stocked with common service parts including cassettes, chains, brake pads, cables, bottom brackets, tyres and tubes.  Larger items are held in our local warehouse and shipping is included with any service.  

So when you're ready for that new set of wheels, power meter or Di2 upgrade, add a General Service to the cart and have it fitted & installed while at work or in the comfort of your home!

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Please note:  All prices exclude parts unless specified (we will quote for and replace parts as necessary). All our mechanics carry a range of  replacement and upgrade parts to complete most services.

The frequency of recommended servicing depends on use and any regular maintenance you perform yourself. As a general rule of thumb though Bike Manufacturers recommend you get your new bike serviced after 6 weeks of riding for adjustments as parts bed in. Following this it makes sense to at least get a service pre-Summer and pre-Winter.

For a full brake down of whats included in each service.  Please use our comparison table.


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