Shimano XTR M9000 Race Hydraulic Front Brake Lever + Caliper

About Shimano XTR M9000 Race Hydraulic Front Brake Lever + Caliper

The XTR M9000 hydraulic disc brake systems are also Rider Tuned in Race and Trail versions, as not all riders come down the same mountain at the same speed.

Shimano‚ s legacy of leading brake design stems from its dedicated study of the components of control: heat, power and stiffness.

New XTR M9000 brakes offer varying levels of heat control from an insulated piston (glass fiber phenolic) and insulated pad coating that created 10 percent more heat resistance. XTR M9000 brake levers also feature new handlebar-clearing I-spec II mounting.

The XTR M9000 Race brake system has race-tuned power and overall lighter weight thanks to a magnesium caliper and master cylinder as well as a carbon lever blade. The XTR M9020 Trail brake system is trail-tuned for power and stiffness using pre-loaded aluminium caliper and a new SERVO-WAVElever with a powerful and stiff carbon-alloy structure.

The XTR M9020 Trail brakes come standard with Ice Technologies radiator pads for further heat reduction.



Shimano XTR cutting edge braking technology, lightweight and powerful easily adaptable post-style hydraulic disc brake caliper

Oversized 22mm glass fibre phenolic pistons optimized for heat insulation, lightweight and stiffness

Opposed 2-piston design reduces leading effect and optimal pad wear increases braking control

Super lightweight magnesium caliper design with Titanium hardware

Can be used with a choice of adapters and rotors giving you the freedom to customise and suit your bike

Recommended for use with Ice Tech Centre-Lock rotors for optimum braking performance in a choice of 160mm, 180mm and 203mm (sold seperately)

Can be used with Ice Tech pads available in resin or sintered compound, the optional aluminium radiation fin pad further improves heat dissipation reducing brake surface temperature by 50 deg C

Easy to use one way oil bleeding for improved oil routing

Mineral oil brake fluid

Shim-less mounting system

Banjo style attachment for neat hose alignment

Contains G02A resin pads, plus optional bleed nipple blanking grub screw to save a further 3 grams

Brake Lever

Ergonomic XTR Race brake lever that is stripped down to be light on weight and heavy on performance

Easy access lever reach adjustment for custom lever feel and position

Lightweight, strong and durable Magnesium one piece body is also rigid under hard braking loads

Carbon fibre short 13mm wide brake lever with textured finish for optimum strength, lightweight and reliability

Ergonomic pivot position for efficient and powerful braking follows a natural pulling arc

Integrated inline barrel master reservoir with easy bleed port

Mineral oil brake fluid

Hinged clamp for quick installation



Piston Material: High Insulation Resin

Weight: 182g (pair)

Brake Lever

Weight: 122g (pair)

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